Electronic Design and Development

Electronic development

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17 years of experience, embedded security modules, application lifecycle management, optimized designs

Range of services

Feasibility analysis, specifications and functional specifications, hardware, software, firmware, full stack, system development, embedded security, PCB design

Industry sectors

Building automation, smart home, energy & environmental technology, vehicle technology, networking, embedded systems, industrial electronics


Functional Safety Management (functional safety SIL1 - SIL2 according to IEC 61508), DIN EN ISO / IEC 80079-34: 2011 Ex certification (ATEX)

Electronic design and development

BMK is the integral development partner, interlinking its cross-industry sector know-how and skills in customer related applications.

Active collaboration with discerning customers creates transparency in respect of costs, time and results.

  • End-to-end project management

  • Customized customer service teams

  • Quick decision making


Electronic Design and Development

BMK your integral development partner

We are the integral development partner for discerning customers responsibility for.

  • With responsibility for product design, approval, process / test development, series production and supply chain management

  • As a time to market accelerator with parallelization of development, procurement and manufacturing

  • Through a transparent development process (polarion)

Services in electronics development

Our Services

  • System development

  • Hardware development

  • PCB design / Circuit board layout

  • Software development

  • Product design / mechanical development

  • Embedded security for IoT

  • Feasibility study

  • Specifications and requirements specification

  • Product qualification / verification, validation and approval

Electronic development

Traceable support for our customers’ success through:

  • Customized loT-capable, embedded controls

  • Platform-independent, expandable firmware and boot loader

  • Analog optimized application solutions

  • Functional Safety know-how for industry, railway and Ex products

  • A strong partner network for approval certifications, data bases, graphic visualization, web services, mechanics, industry design

PCB Design / PCB Layout

The experience of more than 600 PCB design projects are incorporated into your product.

Strengths and Services:
  • CAD systems with Altium designer and Mentor Graphics Xpedition

  • EMV designs in diverse technological fields

  • PCB antennas

  • 3D-data collision testing

Design for excellence:
  • Production optimised footprint library

  • DFM (Design For Manufacturability)

  • DFT (Design For Testability)

Layout - electronic development
Layout - electronic development

Embedded Security for IoT

Why is security so important?

Are your devices networked? Are you and your customers safe?

  • Protect your sensitive data

  • General data protection regulation

  • EU cybersecurity act

  • Protection against plagiarism and manipulation

  • Protection against loss of image

  • Protection against unauthorized access and sabotage

  • Ensuring competitiveness

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