Embedded Security

Embedded Security for IoT

With our expert knowledge in the area of  EMBEDDED SECURITY  we ensure your success. 

We make a difference for you.  


IoT Security

Comprehensive protection of your products from development to the end of the product life cycle

Made by BMK

Ready to use: Pre-developed security software solutions

Security in production

Time-to-market accelerator

Security by design



IEC 62443

Common criteria

DIN SPEC 27072

Embedded Security Contact

Florian WeiƟ
+49 (0) 821 20788 583


Why is security so important?

Are your devices networked? Are you and your customers safe?

  • Protect your sensitive data

  • General data protection regulation

  • EU cybersecurity act

  • Protection against plagiarism and manipulation

  • Protection against loss of image

  • Protection against unauthorized access and sabotage

  • Ensuring competitiveness

BMK Chain of Trust

Comprehensive solutions for your product. We not only  connect securely machines and devices, but also the most modern technologies and services.

  • Secure Boot - Secure execution of the software, verification according to origin and content e.g. digital signature

  • Secure key handling 

  • Certificate management / update

  • Software update container concept

  • Hardware accelerator

  • Data protection concept

  • Full automatic cloud key handling

  • Automatic software encryption

BMK IoT module

If security is standard, we are certainly involved. 

We are your time-to-market accelerator.

  • Security concept out of the box

  • Coordinated cryptography concept

  • Certificate and authentication management

  • For common cloud providers

  • WLAN pre-certified

Data sheet

Integral development partner

BMK is the integral development partner, interlinking its cross-industry sector know-how and skills in customer related applications.
Active collaboration with discerning customers creates transparency in respect of costs, time and results.

  • ent-to-end project management

  • customized customer service teams

  • quick decision making

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