Reference projects

Reference projects




17 years of experience,  embedded security modules, application lifecycle management, optimized designs

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Feasibility analysis, requirements specification, hardware, software, firmware, full stack, system development, embedded security, PCB design


Building automation, smart home, energy & environmental technology, automotive technology, networking, embedded system, industrial electronics


Functional safety management (SIL1 - SIL2 IEC 61508), DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011 Ex Certification(ATEX)

Development of water treatment​

The goal is to reduce the cost of the existing control system by 20 %, as well as a quicker market launch than the competitors.      

In addition to cost reduction, the control system is to be functionally expanded to include the possibility of communication via LAN/WLAN to the cloud. It will also take into account additional security aspects and a completely new graphical user interface through touch display.

  • IoT compliant control​

  • Cloud communication via WLAN / LAN​

  • Embedded security​

  • Certificate and authorization management

  • Cost reduction

Development of door controls

The goal is to reduce the cost of an existing sliding door control system by up to 10 %.

In addition to cost reduction, the control system is to be functionally enhanced and modernized, while also maintaining compatibilitiy. 

  • Development of cost reduction proposals

  • Fast and target-oriented schematic and layout development

  • Creation and verification of the hardware

  • Porting of the existing control software to the new μController

  • Production and verification of CE robustness the result

  • Full backward compatibility with flexibility for variants

  • At the right cost and within the agreed time frame.

Development of a door control system on trains

The goal is to develop a modernized control system for railroad technology, which is subject to the relevant standards and processes of functional safety in this field.

  • Functional safety after SIL 2​

  • Railway quality standards​

  • Complete support: Concept – development – approval ​incl. process landscape after SIL requirements ​

  • Railroad standard: EN50155 railway applications, electronic equipment used on railway vehicles 

Development of pressurized enclosures

The goal is to redesign a control system for pressurized enclosures. The product is used to protect various equipment in the case of oil mist and gas explosions.   

  • Functional safety according to SIL 2

  • Explosion protection according to i / m / e

  • Complete support: concept - development - approval incl. process landscape according to SIL requirements

  • IoT communication / web server  

  •  DTC: Target cost specification

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