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A fast prototyping service for demanding electronic projects.

Here you find the important facts and figures about prototyping.

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BMKyourproto - Portal

Interactive digtial online portal
For access data, please contact Mr. Mario Rehbehn.

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Mario Rehbehn
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BMKyourproto - Portal

Our interactive online portal offers direct access to component availability, delivery times and an instant quote.

  • Efficient and secure processing of your confidential order data

  • Significant reduction in lead time, no time-consuming feedback loops in the clarification phase

For access data, please contact your BMK contact Mr. Mario Rehbehn.

BMKyourproto - Portal


BMKyourproto: We make a difference for you when it comes to fast prototyping services for demanding projects.

  • 30 years of experience in the electronics industry with new successful product launches every day.

  • An independent, dedicated team, specialized processes, and individual customer suppoert ensure the quickest lead times and  successful production of your prototypes.

  • Direct transfer from prototyping to serial production with BMK’s expertise in industrialization and supply chain management.

  • Access to a comprehensive BMK electronic parts inventory, alternative part suggestions, and real-time digital connectivity to our global suppliers.

Specialized Processes

fast, flexible, and reliable

BMK accelerates your time-to-market with specialized prototype processes in material procurement and electronics production.

  • Fast quoting

  • Express procurement of components and PCB

  • Delivery from 7 working days 

  • No non-recurring costs

  • Various additional services

Prototypes vs. sample and series production

Technological differences

  • In the early development process, prototypes fulfill the most important technical properties.

  • The shape and functionality do not yet fully correspond to the later series product.

  • Manufacturing processes have not yet alligned towards series production and series tools have not yet been created.

Time saving with prototypes

  • Components, which cannot be equipped on the machine, are manually soldered to the PCB

  • Internal logistical priorization without time-consuming storage of components

  • Manufacturing solutions despite design flaws through competent specialists

  • Elaborate testing procedures only if required

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