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There comes a time when we make a difference.

More about Franzi

Name: Franziska Mäge
Birthday: 29.10.1995
Moth sailing since 17 years


1st place World Championship (2019)
1st place European Championship (2019)
1st place German Championship (2018)

Next competitions 2022

07.-09.10. German Championship, Müggelsee Berlin
19.-27.11. World Championship, Argentina


There comes a time when we make a difference

When it gets challenging, we are really strong ...
... like Franzi! If it storms, she will have fun as well.
Your advantage? ...Enthusiasm!
Our advantage? ... Enthusiasm!

When is your BMK moment? 


How they fly?

We have heard the question of why Moth sailboats can "fly" over water in contrast to normal sailing ships since we started the campaign. That's why we sat down with Franzi and created an infographic. Have fun!


Challenges on the High Seas

Herausforderungen auf hoher See

Winter is slowly coming to an end and warmer times are right on the horizon, with longer days and more sunlight. When the sun shines, life feels better, and this calming warmth gives us the urge to take a refreshing dip into cold water. Wouldn’t you agree? This is most certainly the case for Franzi! She has already begun with her preparations for this year’s competition highlights and has told us what she is particularly looking forward to!

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Franziska Mäge

More about Franzi

Name:  Franziska Mäge
Birthday: 29.10.1995
Job: B. Sc Health Science, Fitness Coach

Sports: Moth Sailing

Active since: 17 years (started at the age of 6)

Biggest success: 
1st German Championship 420er-Sailing (2011)
2nd European Championship 420er-Sailing (2012)
1st German Championship Moth-Sailing (2018, Womens Classification)

History: Brought to sailing by the parents. Until 2008 youth boat optimist and from 2008 change in the pre-Olympic 420s. Due to studies and injuries "Olympic campaign 2020" canceled". Love for sailing remains unchanged. Switch to the Moth class with new goals.

Vision: Europe's best Moth Sailor, after the bachelor training to become a mental coach

When it gets challenging, we thrive.
When is your BMK moment?