Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing

The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts. Looking ahead, when it comes to flexible PRODUCTION solutions.


Here you find the important facts and figures about the electronics manufacturing.

BMK fact sheet

Performance spectrum

Production, System Assembly, SMT, THT, Electromechanical Assembly, Test, Ruggedizing, Conformal coating, Underfill, Silicon dispensing, Potting, 3D-Print

Facts and Figures

11 SMT linies
about 5,000 PCBA variants
Ø 148 Mio. assembled components monthly
1 – 50,000 lot size
< 11 min. product setup time

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Leading-Edge Production
Obsolescence Management


ISO 9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015, ISO 50001:2011, DIN EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011 Ex Zertifizierung (ATEX)

Supply Chain Management

On course - our breathing SUPPLY CHAIN make a difference.
Your advantage: Deliverable through our worldwide network
Our supply chain makes demand fluctuations and allocation situations economically manageable - cost-optimized, fast and flexible.

  • Worldwide supplier network 

  • Direct sourcing of key components 

  • Automatic material supply 

  • Continuous supplier rating and supplier development 

  • Extensive quality check of delivered goods 

  • Material supply within the production based on the pull principle 

  • Reliable shipment logistics

Supply Chain Management - BMKdelta
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management

Prototype production

At BMK, PROTOTYPES are produced according to a standardized NPI process.

Due to the introduction of about 80 NPI´s per month, this process is also lived several times a day. As part of the procurement of materials, production is supported by a logistics concept optimized for this application. As a result, our customers receive high-quality and close-to-production product samples in a timely manner.

Series production - SMT manufacturing

The SERIES PRODUCTION is known for the consistent implementation of material flow principles and the zero defect strategy. This assures short production times with on time delivery and excellent product quality.

The 11 SMT high performance lines are based on strategic partnerships with our machine supplier. Together we were able to develop solutions for our customer's requirements.

  • Optical control of the paste printing quality

  • Sensor based control of the component placement process 

  • Redundant control of the soldering profile 

  • Inline AOI integration

  • IPC & SPC

Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Electronics assembly
Electronics assembly

Electronics assembly

The ELECTRONICS ASSEMBLY is performed in independent production stations. Each of these stations is designed in accordance to the requirements of the application. The pull principle in terms of the material logistics and the parallelization of the production steps ensures an efficient operation.  

  • THT component placement 

  • Wave and selective soldering process (Pb / Pb free) 

  • Press fit technology 

  • Panel separation 

  • Product assembly 

  • Packaging & shipment

No test - no fun!

The setup is crucial! Innovative and individual: Our TEST DEVELOPMENT make a difference.

BMK combines efficient and intelligent testing strategies according to the needs of your product.

  • Reduce early emergencies

  • Verification of development

  • Eliminate component and production errors

  • Create customer configuration

  • Fast response time to quality issues

  • Fulfilment of legal compliance

  • Risk management / traceability documentation


Our strategy is to cover all production steps within our facility. Therefore BMK integrated the RUGGEDIZING process of PCBAs inhouse.

  • Lacquering / Conformal Coating

  • Underfill

  • Silicone coating

  • Potting

Ruggedizing - Silicone coating
Ruggedizing - Underfill
3D printing
3D Printing
3D Printing
3D Printing

3D Printing

Competently. Flexible. Fast.

Many years of experience in 3D PRINTING makes us a flexible partner in additive manufacturing. Whether housing for prototypes or sample assemblies, we print your desired product quickly and flexibly in our internal machinery with competent support of our experienced employees.

  • 5 machines for 3D printing

  • Different materials (ESD ,PLA, ABS)

  • Fast and flexible production

  • Both great and very fine products

  • Medium-sized quantities ( <50 )

Email: SMT3DDruckshop[at]bmk-electronics.de
Phone: +49 (0) 821 20788-226


Now set sails!  Ready to go fast with our AUTOMOTIVE solutions. The formula for success for your ​company. Optimal infrastructure and customized automation in the production of your prototypes, series and spare parts. Even in small quantities.

One Stop Shop
  • Prototypes, series, and spare parts production

  • Independent area for just automotive products

  • Successful auditing by OEMs

  • Top Tier 1 suppliers

  • Sample construction on series systems

  • Optimized infrastructure

Automotive - BMKdelta
Electronics Manufacturing - Automotive

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