Reaching higher classes: New experiences with a faster moth and a new sailing license

Franziska Mäge can be found anywhere near water. After the first successful test runs with her new motte, Franzi has dedicated herself to a new kind of sailing; cruising. The passionate sailor from Munich expands her possibilities further with her new sailing license, the so-called Sport Coastal Ship License (SKS). This allows her to steer motorized sailing vessels on the ocean. Of course, her heart still belongs to the sport of moth sailing as well.

BMK: We've already discussed the fact that you want to start the 2022 season with a new boat. How was your first practical experience with your new Unicorn 2.0?

Franzi: As I had already anticipated, the changeover to the new boat was a considerable task. Thanks to the better aerodynamics on the new boat, there is significantly more speed, however this also means more sophisticated handling. The necessary maneuvers are more challenging because of the new shape. I must adjust the timing in the tack and therefore my body movements to ride the perfect tack angle and to stay on the foils. That's why I practice more maneuvers at every opportunity on Lake Garda.

BMK: They say "speed is your friend," but obviously that's not the only criterion for a successful competition.

Franzi: You could say that because you must maintain your speed, especially during the tacks and gybes. Every unnecessary contact the hull makes with the water automatically means a loss of speed and overall time. In the end, important meters are missing on the way to the finish. Only those who have an impeccable technique can consider themselves at the top of a regatta.

BMK: On top of that, you took on another challenge and passed the so-called SKS exam. What made you interested in getting into the big boat class?

Franzi: On the one hand, it was about gaining further knowledge and training in sailing, but on the other hand it was also about preparing for offshore regattas lasting several days. I plan to participate someday in one of these longer regattas. I also wanted to take on more responsibility and learn more about behavior and navigation, waterways, rescue maneuvers, and engine support when it comes to larger sailing vessels.

BMK: That sounds like a lot of obligations and know-how. But surely you also had "special moments" during your training.

Franzi: Oh yes. To obtain the SKS certificate, I had to sail 170 nautical miles, which I completed before Sardinia. I experienced so many beautiful things during this time, such as seeing a school of dolphins and watching ships anchor in and out along the coast.

BMK: When you look at moth racing overtime, has anything in particular changed?

Franzi: Things have certainly changed! It is amazing to see more and more women taking part in competitions. The high technical qualifications of moth sailing are no longer a deterrent to many young women. Interest in women’s camps for moth sailing is increasing due to the public interest among women growing and through prominent media attention of international moth sailing events.

BMK: That not only sounds promising for the future, but also guarantees exciting competitions! How do you see yourself positioned currently?

Franzi:  I did suffer from COVID awhile back, but I overcame it quite well. In addition, I have been training intensively again for quite some time. I think I'm already well prepared for Foiling Week in July at Lake Garda.

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We wish Franzi a lot of success in the upcoming competitions.


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