Start of the new sailing season

Franzi is overwhelmed with joy: she can finally sail again! After the Bavarian Yacht Club (BYC) had to remain closed during the winter break due to corona, sailors can go out on the water again

Sailing on Lake Starnberg

“If you’ve waited so long for sailing after the lengthy winter break, the first time back on the water at the start of the season is always something special,” laughs Franzi, adding: "And this year was also a shaky time, because you didn’t know how and when to start because of corona.” Even more reason to go sailing at the BYC on Lake Starnberg.

Finally flying again

Around noon Franzi packed everything up and loaded her moth. On site she assembles her boat while the winds increase. When Franzi is finally on the water, the gusts are strong enough that she can even lift off. "It's an amazing feeling to finally fly over the water again! Now I know what all my strength and endurance training in winter has been worthwhile for,” enthuses Franzi, who has recently been exercising on a racing bike. "Unfortunately, it was quite rough on the Starnberg Bay and the wind was not constant," Franzi explains of her short duration. However, this did not take away the pleasure – the important thing was to have water under the keel again.

Making the most of it

With the setting sun they packed up, took a few more photos, and headed home.  "It was a super nice day, only the wind should have been a little more constant ... but that's what we're used to from the Bavarian lakes", sums up Franzi about her sailing in 2020. And even if bad wind is in the forecast for the next few days, she doesn’t mind: “Then we’ll take the H-Boat (sailboat) for a spin. The main thing is that I'm finally back on the water!” You have to be flexible and make the best of it. Like the BMK Group #BMKdelta