BMK makes a difference for 25 years

In celebration of the company’s 25th birthday, BMK hosted a summer party - Last Saturday, employees and their families were able to check out the production site of the EMS service provider BMK in Augsburg. In celebration of the company's 25th anniversary, the shareholders invited all employees and their families to a summer party at BMK, located within the Sigma Techno Park.

A total of almost 1,600 employees, including family members accepted the invitation to the BMK anniversary celebration.

In his opening speech, Alois Knöferle, Managing Director of BMK Group GmbH & Co.KG, emphasized that the subject of change is a recurring theme throughout the company’s history. Technology (digitalization) and electronic products are changing. Therefore, customers are realigning themselves and BMK has changed itself from a mere assembler to a service partner, covering the complete life cycle of electronic assemblies. Lifelong learning is also becoming increasingly more important as a result of these permanent changes. The further development of employees has always been of great importance to BMK. Knöferle emphasized that BMK wants to continue to actively shape and change. “Relationships built on trust are extremely important for this," affirms Knöferle: "That was the basis for our success in the past and will remain so in the future. We would like to thank all our employees and business partners and continue to build on good and trustful collaboration."

In the intensely competitive EMS market, BMK has managed to assert itself sustainably and to generate enormous growth. BMK differs successfully from the competition. This difference can be seen in the new #BMKdelta campaign, which shares the motives and experiences of moth class sailor, Franzi Mäge. Mäge, the current European Champion in moth class sailing, was on site with her boat. Getting to personally know the woman from the marketing pictures of the #BMKdelta campaign was a real enrichment for many. "The technique behind moth class sailing is fascinating. I think it's great that we're promoting such a young talent who gives our campaign a face. That's how we make a difference.", Anika Dorn, Marketing BMK.

A large selection of different street food vendors provided a variety of delicious choices for guests, along with attractions, intended for even the youngest of children, such as Playmobil, face painting, or table football (foosball).

The attendees were also able to catch a unique glimpse from above the workplace. Even the nearby city center was possible to see. The hydraulic lift took guests up to a height of approx. 25 m.

"It strengthens the sense of belonging when the family can get to know the workplace." confirms Susanne Gujber, Head of Purchasing at BMK, as the concept of the whole festival. "I would also like to give thanks on behalf of my team for the really nice and successful celebration! It is not always given that a company offers that much to its employees and their families. "