BMK establishes a new location in China

The founding of a new BMK branch in Changzhou creates optimization within the supply chain

BMK established a site in the Changzhou, Jiangsu province to optimize its worldwide supply chain.

BMK's purchasing volume in China grew gradually. Initially, mainly PCBs were purchased, however this expanded eventually to components as well. This led to the decision to open our own location in China. 

In addition to component and supplier sourcing, the main tasks of the branch are logistics and transport management, as well as quality management.
Cultural and linguistic differences, which often represent a hurdle in German-Chinese cooperation, are overcome with the local BMK team, which consists of both Chinese and German employees.

Udo Jaekel, General Manager at BMK electronics Changzhou, confirms: “China is the world's largest electronics components market. Being on site enables us to react flexibly and quickly to changes in the market. It secures access to supply sources that are not available in Europe".

BMK services provided in Changzhou

BMK in Changzhou searches for suitable suppliers and purchases electronic components. In addition, BMK China offers value added services such as assembly, various component preparations and finishing. Quality management includes on-site quality controls according to German standards, complaint management and incoming goods inspection. This is followed by handling and support in the logistics sector.

With the location in Changzhou, BMK optimizes its procurement strategy and creates another BMK delta. “BMK operates delivery bundles via the location. This conserves resources and saves costs,” says Jaekel.

Especially at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the BMK location in China was a very large delta. The local situation could be analyzed quickly via the contact persons on site. BMK reacted quickly and proactively to impending delivery failures. Together with the task force established in Germany, production downtimes and bottlenecks were prevented for our customers. In addition, the local team mastered freight space bottlenecks during transport in a professional and cost-optimized manner.