BMK receives the Augsburg Future Prize 2020

BMK electronic services captivates with resource conservation by repairing instead of disposing (Picture: Marisa Robles)

Last Friday BMK electronic services GmbH was awarded the Augsburg Future Prize 2020.

Since 2006, the city of Augsburg has been awarding prizes each year to sustainable projects by campaign groups, associations, companies, schools, day-care centres, municipal administration offices or individual citizens. A total of six prizes have been awarded. Mayor Eva Weber was pleased to know that the largest number of applications were received since the foundation of the celebration. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, the award ceremony could not normally take place as a formal and festive event in the Golden Hall of Augsburg’s town hall. This year it took place online.

In the category for commercial enterprises, the judges awarded the prize to BMK for their project, “Resource conservation through repair instead of disposal”. BMK electronic services, founded in 2001, is a repair and rework service provider in the B2B business. In his laudation,

City Councillor Raimond Scheirich emphasizes that BMK strikes a sensitive nerve with its motto "Moving the world without consuming the Earth." BMK steps up against the growing waste disposal problem and the company’s forward-looking concept of moving away from a throw-away mentality and towards a reuse mindset, leads the company, along with its employs, to success. Through environmentally friendly repairs and recycling, BMK not only strengthens the cyclic economy, but also as an employer creates an economic basis for many citizens of Augsburg and the region. Scheirich concludes, “BMK is taking an important step in the right direction. The development of new and sustainable business areas stands for innovative strength and a sense of responsibility. "

On behalf of all employees, Nafi Pajaziti, Managing Director of BMK electronic services, expressed his sincere gratitude to all those involved in the Augsburg Future Prize. Pajaziti underlined the great joy about this award: "It is a prize for the future, which encourages us to

continue to inform about the possibilities of conserving resources through repair and upgrades and to convince even more companies not to dispose of their products completely."