There´s a moment where we make the difference. 
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Regatta at Lake Achensee 2020

There comes a time when we make a difference

Spring 2020: Due to the tightened security measures from Covid 19, the start of the season was unfortunately postponed for most sailors. Although the regulations started to ease up at the beginning of June, many “Mothies” were not back on the water until the beginning of August – a long break, also for Franzi. She discussed with us the late start of the season and how she did at the regatta weekend on Lake Achensee.


Start of the new sailing season

Franzi is overwhelmed with joy: she can finally sail again! After the Bavarian Yacht Club (BYC) had to remain closed during the winter break due to corona, sailors can go out on the water again.

Sailing on Lake Starnberg

“If you’ve waited so long for sailing after the lengthy winter break, the first time back on the water at the start of the season is always something special,” laughs Franzi, adding: "And this year was also a shaky time, because you didn’t know how and when to start because of corona.” Even more reason to go sailing at the BYC on Lake Starnberg.

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There comes a time when we make a difference

When it gets challenging, we are really strong ...
... like Franzi! If it storms, she will have fun as well.
Your advantage? ...Enthusiasm!
Our advantage? ... Enthusiasm!

When is your BMK moment? 

Moth World Champion
Moth World Champion

Moth World Championships

Franzi makes the difference at the Moth World Championships! 

The Moth World Championships are over and they couldn't have gone better for Franzi! She is 1st woman in Moth Sailing and thus world champion! Congratulations!!! In her class, the Silver Fleet, she is in 19th place and in the overall ranking of all participants she is in 80th place out of 122. We would like to congratulate you on this great achievement and wish you a few happy holidays in Australia!

After the EM is before the World Cup

Franzi still has the happy smile on her face after the good placement at the Moth Sailing European Championship in Portugal three months later. But actually she has nothing to laugh about right now. She is in the middle of her bachelor's thesis and has to train hard for the upcoming World Cup in Australia.

Franzi Maege
Franzi Maege
European Champion

Moth Europeans 2019

Congratulations Franzi!

The Moth Europeans 2019 are over and we congratulate the new European Champion! On Tuesday, Franzi secured first place with the women after four regattas. Since from this day unfortunately the weather conditions no longer play along, you could not dispute the first place and she is now the new European champion in moth sailing!


How they fly?

We have heard the question of why Moth sailboats can "fly" over water in contrast to normal sailing ships since we started the campaign. That's why we sat down with Franzi and created an infographic. Have fun!


Interview with Franzi Mäge

The Moth Sailing World Cup in Australia is waiting for Franzi

Franziska Mäge (23) has an unusual passion: When other sailors quickly leave the water because of too much wind, it is only really fun. The reason: Your boat, a so-called "Moth", needs strong wind to reach its full speed potential (up to 60 km / h) to be able to exhaust. As part of our image campaign, we are accompanying Franzi this year, among others. to the World Cup in Australia.



Fly at full speed over the water. How does it work?

Light as a breath of air and as sensitive as an insect in the wind. A moth just.
The special thing, only with sufficient wind speed makes the "Moth sailing" really fun. Because then lifts the only 35-pound and over three -meter-long carbon boat out of the water to glide like a sprinter on stilts (foils) over it.

In order for flying to function as effectively as possible and to ensure successful participation in competitions, the foils (vertical swords) must be precisely ground, clean and precisely aligned.

Moth Sailing - Foils
Franziska Mäge

More about Franzi

Name:  Franziska Mäge
Birthday: 29.10.1995
Job: B. Sc Health Science, Fitness Coach

Sports: Moth Sailing

Active since: 17 years (started at the age of 6)

Biggest success: 
1st German Championship 420er-Sailing (2011)
2nd European Championship 420er-Sailing (2012)
1st German Championship Moth-Sailing (2018, Womens Classification)

History: Brought to sailing by the parents. Until 2008 youth boat optimist and from 2008 change in the pre-Olympic 420s. Due to studies and injuries "Olympic campaign 2020" canceled". Love for sailing remains unchanged. Switch to the Moth class with new goals.

Vision: Europe's best Moth Sailor, after the bachelor training to become a mental coach

When it gets challenging, we thrive.
When is your BMK moment?