Securing the dynamic business development of BMK's after-sales services

New location to expand on logistics and repair work capacitiesAt the beginning of April 2022, a segment of the BMK company moved to a new location within Augsburg.

What were the reasons for the move?

After many years of success, the BMK branch achieved record sales in 2021. Repair and refurbishment, i.e. the recycling and refurbishment of components for rework and repair is an economically viable strategy. Nafi Pajaziti, Managing Director at BMK, confirms, "More and more companies are taking advantage of our repair and refurbishment expertise in order to remain deliverable and sustainable." Our previous location unfortunately did not have the possibility to expand further to handle the increasing number of orders.

The new location has more flexibility

Compared to the previous location, BMK has 60% more space available in the new building. Therefore, the workspaces are significantly larger and utilize integrated LED illumination with new power and data lines. BMK has a new compressed air/nitrogen plant along with a logistics hall, equipped with a high-bay warehouse and 4 truck docking stations, and a main warehouse with a double shelving system. Furthermore, employees appreciate the new public spaces, such as a cafeteria and training areas.

Organizing the relocation

“To not interrupt any current rework or production, the move was done in multiple steps over the weekends or with only 2-3 days of downtime. The employees did an outstanding job," emphasizes Pajaziti. This ensured that orders were still delivered on time throughout the relocation.

BMK is projecting a further significant increase in sales in 2022. "With our new premises, we are ideally positioned to handle this planned growth.” Pajaziti sums up.

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