Challenges on the High Seas

Winter is slowly coming to an end and warmer times are right on the horizon, with longer days and more sunlight. When the sun shines, life feels better, and this calming warmth gives us the urge to take a refreshing dip into cold water. Wouldn’t you agree? This is most certainly the case for Franzi! She has already begun with her preparations for this year’s competition highlights and has told us what she is particularly looking forward to!

Franzi, you told us at the end of last year that you were getting a new boat! Have you had a chance to try it out on the water yet?

Franzi: Unfortunately I have not been able to take it out on the water yet. It is still waiting for its maiden voyage with me. The first regatta I will participate in this year is the Balardi Cup at Lake Garda at the beginning of May. Most likely this will then be the premiere of my new "Unicorn" and I am already very excited and curious as to how it will perform on the water.

What do you mean by 'how it will perform on the water'?

Franzi: This moth has a different shape due to the glider wings being much steeper and as a result, is more aerodynamic overall. Its execution of maneuvers like tack and jibe will be different and something I have not yet experienced before. On the one hand, this is very exciting because this new boat gives me the chance to really measure myself against world-class sailors, but on the other hand also comes with an amount of uncertainty.

That means that Lake Garda, as your second home, is where you dare to go out on the water for the first time with your new moth?

Franzi: Yes, that's right. I feel very comfortable at Lake Garda because I know the area better than almost any other lake. That's why I'll be going there again in July to take part in the Foiling Week. It is where passionate sailors from all over the world meet up and it always feels like a big family reunion. I’m very happy there and feel very much at home. It's not just about sailing, but also a lot about innovation and exchanging of ideas. In addition to many sailors, there are also shipbuilders, sail manufacturers and many others who are active in sailing.

While you are at Lake Garda, you will meet various sailors from around the world. Will you be taking part in the World Championship again this year to compete with the best of the best? Or have you decided on the European Championship in France?

Franzi: I have indeed decided on the World Championship at the end of November in Argentina because this will give me enough time to practice on my new moth. I have the summer and fall to train a lot and gain some competition experience. I wouldn’t have these opportunities if I decided on the European Championship. In addition, the experience of sailing in Australia in 2019 and seeing the impressive skyline of Perth was indescribably beautiful! Buenos Aires will certainly be just as sensational!

Yes, we can imagine that! That all sounds like exciting competitions! Are there any other highlights for you this year?

Franzi: In addition to the competitions, I will also continue my sailing education. I'm going to get my sailing license (SKS for short). This license entitles you to charter a motorized sailing vessel on coastal waters. This will enrich my sailing experience quite a bit, as it is less about sports, but more about navigation, sea rescue operations, and other challenges that await you on the high seas. I am really looking forward to it!

We can tell this year has a lot in store for you and that you have already everything well planned out! Every competition is like a project for Franzi.

We look forward to your upcoming projects, Franzi, and wish you every success!

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