Successful customer focus

BMK succeeds in securing the supply chain and once again receives the IDS Supplier Excellence Award

Current situation of the electronics market

The Corona pandemic has severely affected the digitization of society. The growing electronics market coupled with impacts from Corona on manufacturing and transportation, as well as natural disasters in Asia, and now the conflict between Ukraine and Russia have created an extreme allocation situation. The entire supply chain has been shaken.

How does BMK ensure IDS's ability to deliver?

EMS companies are in a type of sandwich position. Manufacturers know their market power and use allocations. The EMS tries to find solutions and alternatives to avoid delivery delays or even worse, delivery cancellations. BMK has made the supply chain more transparent and secure through its network of synergies in the Czech Republic, Israel, and its direct component sourcing in China. Since last year, BMK's strategic purchasing department has been supported by a SEK (Special Purchasing Command) team consisting of cross-divisional experts to create daily transparency about availability and delivery times for the customer, to implement escalations to suppliers and to find second sourcing options. In addition, innovation is also required in production planning. BMK makes significant contributions to ensure that its customers are still able to deliver, especially in the current tense component market situation.


IDS Imaging Development Systems also appreciates BMK’s support. IDS celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022 and both companies look back on a trusting partnership since the very beginning. Thanks to an intensive cooperation with sometimes weekly consultations regarding components, BMK successfully executed the on-time market launch of new IDS cameras and short-term redesigns due to component availability.

Alexander Lewinsky, COO/Member of the Executive Board at IDS, affirms, "The open and honest communication between our two companies has allowed us to work together to solve many challenges in the procurement market in a timely and pragmatic manner."

BMK honored with IDS Excellence Supplier Award

BMK once again receives the IDS Supplier Excellence Award for its successful customer-focused approach. The availability and response times of BMK's contact persons, the support for technical innovations, and the quality and communication of the partnership were awarded top marks.

Thomas Häring, BU Manager at BMK, is thrilled "The award shows that the long-standing partnership between IDS and BMK not only endures but also grows steadily, even in times of crisis. I am sure that both companies will emerge stronger from the current situation. Partnership is not just a phrase here but is actually happening daily."

When it gets challenging, we thrive.
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