Sunshine and stable winds: perfect conditions for the world championship

We followed Franzi at the Foiling Week on Lake Garda, where the second biggest competition this year took place: the World Championship in Moth Sailing. Franzi is full of enthusiasm and anticipation. “There’s simply nothing better in life than moth sailing on Lake Garda!” she states.

140 athletes from more than 20 nations get together and compete to see who can control and steer his or her moth the best. The weather conditions are fantastic for sailing. “Lake Garda once again showed its most attractive side – sunshine and stables wind conditions,” enthuses Franzi.


Lesson learned

It will be decided on the first day of qualifiers which sailors will be allowed to sail in the Silver Fleet and which in the Gold Fleet. Franzi is highly motivated and obviously wants to be in the “Gold Class” so that she can compete with the world's best. In this case however, her motivation was a bit too much. „I took it upon myself to fine-tune my starts. Unfortunately, I overdid it and ended up with two early starts on the second qualifying day and ultimately finishing in 44th place.” She ends up in the Silver Fleet.

Franzi tells us, “At first I was very sad and frustrated, but then I got over it. I had a good start and had firmly set my sights on a high position, even if I overshot the mark in the end. Overall a lesson learned. I undertake it upon myself now to ensure a top 10 place in the Silver Fleet and will fight for third place in the women's category.”

Staying strong despite increasingly difficult conditions

Franzi starts the final runs with renewed vigor and thanks to stable weather and wind conditions, she manages to sail ahead of the others. Day by day she works her way closer to the podium. The last day of competition will decide everything! Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse and the arduous north winds and waves challenged the sailors, but that’s where Franzi makes a difference. Despite increasingly difficult conditions, she continues to sail strong. As the third lady and 78th overall, she finishes the 2021 World Championship on Lake Garda once again on the podium. We are very happy for her and congratulate her on her success!

Franzi takes home much more than just a place on the podium. “It was a great event, filled with insanely beautiful sailing and lots of fun and togetherness amongst all the sailors. I was able to recharge my batteries,” she says.  

Saving energy and resources for the future

Energy also plays a big role at BMK. In July 2021, the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection (StMUV) awarded BMK electronic services with the first Bavarian Resource Efficiency Prize. The award is given to Bavarian companies that demonstrate outstanding, forward-looking commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources. Environmental protection and sustainability are particularly important to us. Results can only be achieved if everyone pulls together to preserve the natural environment for future generations and to have a growing enthusiasm and understanding of the values of water and nature - just like Franzi.

When it gets challenging, we thrive.
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