Lake Garda: a paradise for “motties”

This year’s Austrian National Championship was supposed to be Franzi’s big premiere out on the water.  Unfortunately, the wind simply did not want to cooperate, and the sailors had to leave without competing. Luckily now everyone is looking forward to the Foiling Week on Lake Garda and Franzi’s heart beats faster with anticipation, and rightly so!

More than just a race

Foiling Week always takes place at different locations (Malcesine, Sydney, Newport and Miami) and is not just a competition among "motties". The organizers are also interested in informing and in networking people, such as athletes, manufactures, and scientists. A lot of like-minded water sports enthusiasts come together to create a unique atmosphere.

Sunshine and Ora

Franzi arrived a few days before the competition to fully enjoy the lively atmosphere and to spend some time out on the water before the event began on the first of July. Unfortunately, the starting race did not count due to a lack of wind. Thankfully the following days worked out much better with the weather and Franzi was able to successfully compete together with 58 sailors from eleven nations in a total of four races. Franzi flew over the water in beautiful sunshine and "Ora", the name for the south wind on Lake Garda. On the second day there were even stronger winds, which was perfect for Franzi.

Franzi in second place

After three successful days of competition, Franzi finished the regatta as the second woman and in 29th place overall. She had a very successful performance and a great start into the 2021 Regatta Year. Franzi concluded, “I dearly missed being out on the water this year and felt the lack of regatta practice! However, the Foiling Week was a super event with varied conditions, such as light and strong winds. These conditions put together with a strong group of participants offers the best preparation for future competitions.”

Franzi’s Foiling Week experience can also be seen at BMK; sometimes it takes a “prototype” or a first practical test to really get things going. We here at BMK, not only support Franzi's path to success, but also yours! Namely, when it comes to the prototype production for electronic components, which eventually will lead into serial production.

You can finde more info about  Prototype production here.  

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