BMKyourproto: BMK makes a difference with rapid prototyping

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Since January 2021, BMK has been offering a prototype service for demanding and challenging projects in the field of electronics. Thus, BMK has expanded its portfolio so that developers are able to produce prototypes quickly and reliably.

A prototype is the initial version of a product. It serves primarily the purpose of early visualization and iterative optimization of the electronic assembly and its possible applications. Therefore, developers can test the functionality, improve the design, plan a cost-optimized production process, test the use of different components and designs, and finally captivate investors or management through presentation of the prototype.

Prototype assembly is becoming increasingly more complex because components are becoming ever smaller and/or specific soldering techniques must be used. Speed is also crucial in the development process of a product and developers are dependent on a partner who is both fast and reliable, as well as convincing in terms of quality. Those who can ensure a quick time-to-market launch experience greater success on the market.

BMK has in-depth manufacturing knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry, Customers benefit from BMK's extensive inventory of electronic components and a direct API connection to BMK's global supplier network, as well as an independent team coupled with dedicated resources and specialized processes to enable fast and successful prototype manufacturing.

Tim Sievers, Head of BMK Business Development, emphasizes, "Speed is critical. With BMK's new prototyping service, we accelerate our customers' time-to-market launch. Developers don’t have to wait long, as we execute fast quoting and reliable material procurement to the final delivery from 7 working days.”

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