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Chip-Level Repair, Modul-Level Repair, BGA Rework, Rework, Modification, Reporting, Test, Analyse, Service and Logistic


Facts and Figures

3.000 Chip-Level Repair monthly
2.000 Modul-Level Repari monthly
40.000 Modifications monthy 
4.000 BGA Rework monthly

BestEMS winner 2017

Design Service
Smart EMS
Leading-Edge Production
Obsolescence Management

Experience for over 15 years

Qualification and Training of employees
Guidelines IPC A610 & IPC 7711/7721

There are no limits to our services on your behalf

Flexibility and competence make us your reliable after-sales-service partner.

  • Many years of experience in chip and module-level repairs

  • Optimized soldering processes in BGA exchange

  • Software updates and programming modifications

  • The latest technology in error analysis

  • Diverse test and analysis procedures

  • Fast and competent execution of services and logistics

Place your trust in us

Our Service
Our Service

We take up the challenge in order to offer our customers the best possible service.

Our portfolio of services includes reworks and repairs in line with your requirements. Detailed error analyses, short processing times and an intelligent parts management system mean that repairs are undertaken with the greatest efficiency. Moreover, we modify the assemblies accordingly, whether a production error, an upgrade or a simple correction is needed – exactly to your requirements and in the shortest possible time.

The customer is the center of our corporate identity. The experts in the different departments ensure a fast and competent job completion - dependent on your requests. Whether it´s logistics of goods, purchasing, packaging or end-of-life-management - you can rely on us.

BMK is THE expert for repairing your electronics!

BMK repairs products from numerous manufacturers for many years:

  • Industrie-PCs / Embedded Computer

  • Industrial Computer Moduls

  • Single Board Computer / Embedded Computer Boards

  • Power Electronics / (Solar-/Photovoltaic-) Inverter

  • Power Supplies / Power Supply Units (Server-PSU/Consumer)

  • Mobile Data Capture Terminals / Handhelds / Scanner / POS-Systems

  • Machine and System Control Units

  • Programmable-Logic-Controllers / PLC-Electronics / Operator Panels / HMI

  • Automation Electronics

  • Sensor Technology

  • Medical Devices

Take advantage of the benefits of the E²MS company network of the BMK Group. The experience of electronics production, available equipment, market position for component procurement, logistics and the entire infrastructure offer you additional possibilities. Your product is in the very best hands with us. We work according to IPC standards - and at reasonable prices. The field of electronic reproductions is almost unlimited at BMK.


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[Translate to EN:] BMK Services

Modul-Level and Chip-Level Repair

Chip-Level Repair

Our know-how, our many years of experience and high quality facilities set new standards in chip-level repairs.

  • Soldering as of model 0201 

  • Guidelines IPC A610 & IPC 7711/7721

  • Component replacement SMD up to model 0201  

  • Component replacement THT & press-fit technology

  • Repairs of conductive tracks (cut)

  • Attachment of jumpers (high-wire)


Modul-Level Repair

Our optimized processes mean that the replacement of defective components can be carried out in the shortest possible time, enabling us to place the product at the disposal of the customer again within 48 hours.

  • Refurbishment of devices

  • Display and touch panel installation

  • Assembly, repackaging and fulfilment

BGA Exchange

Your BGA repair can be carried out immediately with our optimized soldering processes.

  • BGA exchange (Standard & Hard Balls)

  • BGA Reballing

  • Fine Pitch IC processing

  • Sockets replace 

  • QFN and MSOP replace

A first pass yield quote of over 98% in BGA exchange is the best evidence for our performance.

BGA Exchange
BGA Exchange
BGA Exchange

Software and Programming

We tailor our services to your requirements. We record or modify your software with new updates.

  • Software programming and modifications

  • BIOS update and modifications

  • Firmware update with modifications

  • HDD programming and HDD reduction

Error Analysis and Testing

Our state of the art facilities enable us to do a target-oriented and precise error analysis, as well as excellent quality of supply as the result of diverse test and analysis procedures.

  • Functional test

  • Flying Probe test

  • Boundary scan

  • X-ray analysis

  • Optical inspection

  • Climate check and temperature test

  • High-voltage test

  • Quality check

Error Analysis and Testing
Error Analysis and Testing
Worry-free all-round package
Worry-free all-round package
Worry-free all-round package

Worry-free all-round package

Every day we give our best to put the individual service concepts of our customers into practice.

  • Pick-Up, Swap & Return Service

  • Warranty Check

  • Materials Logistics & Parts Management

  • RMA Data Management incl. Track & Trace

  • End-of-Life Management

  • Purchasing and Supplier Management

  • Disposition and Demand Planning

  • Production and Process Optimizing

  • Warehousing and Logistics Processing

  • Delivery to the end customer

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